Introducing GlicRX

Optima is proud to announce we have exclusive access to GlicRx! 

GlicRx provides a free discount card that saves people up to $95* off eligible brand and generic medications at pharmacies including CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and many more. It provides a huge relief for people who don’t have prescription coverage, are underinsured or who have high co-pays. 

As one of our valued users/members/customers, you have exclusive access to these discounts through the GlicRx website and mobile app. Visit the GlicRx website or mobile app via the links below to sign up and search for discounts near you! 

Download your GlicRx discount card here.

BGRX101 (website) –


The Issue

The spiraling cost of prescription drugs is a major concern for all Americans, often forcing people to choose between taking care of their health and paying bills. 

The Solution

Our solution is a prescription discount card – free to everyone! Consumers can save up to $95* on cash purchases of eligible prescription drugs at approximately 35,000 pharmacies. 

How It Works
  • Search for prescriptions at pharmacies near you at or through the GlicRx mobile app. 
  • Use discount card to save up to $95* off. 
  • Show pharmacist your card at purchase. 


Take a card today


Show pharmacist your card at purchase


Use discount card to save up to $95*


When the GlicRx discount rate applies, users experience:

  • 50% average discount per prescription
  • $35 average savings per prescription
Get started

Visit or download the app to your smartphone.

The GlicRx Prescription Savings Program is not insurance. 

To learn more about the GlicRx Prescription Savings Program, including eligible pharmacies, included prescriptions and related pricing, and other important terms and conditions and contact information, click here [insert deep link]. 

*Prescription savings vary by prescription and by pharmacy, and may reach up to $95 off retail price.