Optima Benefits & Payroll is a great resource for businesses to help save time and money without any added expense. Our main focus is to shop the market FOR YOU and bring you all available options to help your company’s bottom line.

Optima Benefits & Payroll provides Payroll, Health, Dental, Vision, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, Life/AD&D, 401(k), New York State Disability (DBL), Voluntary products, Worker's Compensation & HR services for small and large sized companies.

There are serval ways that a company can cut costs when it comes to health insurance. Contact Optima to set up a meeting and we will be glad to anaylze your current benefits package and offer solutions that can save you money.

We are FREE experts here to help. We are paid by the insurance companies. We work for you and help you and your employee better understadn the products and services that are available to you. We will look at many carriers during renewal time to find you the best options available. Without a broker you are missing out on knowing ALL your options.

An Employer, depending upon their size, will generally have from 1 to 5 health plans available to their employees. The Employer picks the insurance provider(s) and what plan(s) to offer. Optima Benefits & Payroll, at any time, will be available to consult your employees, make group presentations, offer summary plan descriptions and be helpful to you as the employer.

Provide us with a copy of your latest company sensus, benefits summary, and your health insurance bill. If we need anything more we will let you know.

Provide us with a census that includes your employees' data inclduing age, gender, family status and zip code.

Provide us with a census that includes your employees' data including age, gender, family status, income and zip code.

Choices and Value! Optima Benefits & Payroll will provide you with a quote from all the major medical insurance companies, and other Life & Health Insurance Companies competing for your business. Once the options are presented it is usually very easy for you to make a decision on what works best for you.

Yes, generally these accounts will save employees and employers money, but may not be the right fit for your company. For further details please contact us.

These accounts are set up with banks or third party administrators. We will help you with that. We offer the health insurance plans associated with HRA'S, HSA's and FSA's.

NYS DBL will cover out-of-work disabled employees with up to 50% of there salary - at a max of $176 per week. For pennies on the dollar you can provide protection to your employees' most valuable asset - their income!

Under most health insurance providers underwritting guidlines an employer is required to contribute at least 50% of the cost of a single rated plan for each enrolled employee.

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