Individual Life Insurance

Serving Rochester, New York State & Beyond

There are wide range of reasons you may need an individual policy for your life insurance. Business need this for Buy-Sell Agreements or Key Man Insurance, or perhaps the group Life option your employer provides isn’t enough coverage or doesn’t provide the type of coverage you are looking for. Just like in the group market, we work with many different carriers to make sure we are providing you the best value when we go to market for you. We will shop the market to find you the best policy for your needs whether that is Term or Permanent coverage or something else more specialized. We can guide on you on finding what fits your situation and will give you all the options so you can make the right decision.


Premium Financed Life Insurance

We have a specialized offering for Individuals or Businesses that need large amounts of coverage whether that is for Estate Planning or Funding Buy- Sell Agreements. When coverage amounts get into the many millions of dollars the cost for that coverage can be very expensive. So what do you do when you need this coverage or risk not being able to fund an agreement or would otherwise end up paying large sums of taxes to the government?? Most people end up paying the large premium, but when you work with Optima we can give you an alternative solution called Premium Financed Life Insurance. We are one of a very few number of brokers across the country that have the policies and relationships to put these deals together. These plans are not for everyone, there are Net Worth requirements to even be considered, but these plans for those that qualify creates, a platform that makes large sums of life insurance a small fraction of traditional purchases.