Quality Dental Programs in Rochester, NY

Optima Benefits & Payroll has options that will bring a smile to you and your employees. Imagine a dental plan that's virtually painless to administer, service that's faster (and seamless) when processing claims, and convenience as a hallmark of a truly quality dental program.

A quality plan also means more freedom of choice. With Optima Benefits & Payroll, you have the opportunity to create a plan that delivers the benefits (and options) employees want, with the flexibility you need for your business.

At Optima Benefits & Payroll, we don't stop searching until we find the best dental insurance plan for you. By exploring the full range of plans available, Optima examines multiple possibilities in order to find dental coverage that meets and exceeds all expectations.

That's good for your bottom line. More importantly, it's good for your employees who respond to effective plans with high levels of customer satisfaction. Making tough choices will never be easy. Knowing all the options can make it simpler. In addition to dental insurance, Optima specializes in health insurancelife insurance and disability insurance plans for businesses.

Don't Pay Too Much! Get a Quote!

Optima Benefits & Payroll works with some of the largest and most experienced insurance companies in the country, so we're able to offer plans for small and large businesses, and every size in between:

  • Plans to minimize out-of-pocket costs
  • Options for coinsurance, annual maximums, deductible and orthodontia
  • Freedom to continue coverage when transferring carriers
  • Range of reimbursement options
  • Large networks and discounts for covered services