Life Insurance

Group Life Plans in Rochester, NY

Optima Benefits & Payroll in Rochester, NY understands that almost every employer’s benefits program begins with offering group life insurance. Yet, more importantly, we recognize that not all employers have the same needs. The ability to select the right program for the right employer and their employees – that’s the Optima approach.

Working with Optima means working with a team dedicated to finding the best – the most optimal – match from among the dozens of carriers available. Whether it’s life plans or health insurance, we are here to help. We also have expertise in 401K plans and long-term care.

With Optima working at your side, you don’t have to sacrifice either cost or coverage. At Optima, meeting the needs of today’s workplace means providing programs that serve employer and employee needs. We bring you the full scope of features and a generous range of plans, so you can satisfy your employees while keeping a prudent and watchful eye on your bottom line.


Every decision you make affects your employees and your business. At Optima, we help you identify the specific plans that best meet your needs. Our goal is to deliver a plan that covers all major options for employee life and spouse and dependent children.

Group Life Insurance

  • Range of insurance schedule: flat, occupational and combination
  • Choice of maximum and minimum benefits
  • Flexible rate guarantees
  • Contributory and non-contributory plans
  • Variable age reduction formulas
  • Continued death benefits
  • Variable benefits amount options for spouse and children

  • EAP options
  • Options for elimination period
  • Range of minimum and maximum monthly benefits
  • Benefit Integration options
  • Individual life insurance plans available
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Variable Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance