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401(k) Plans

The federal government established the 401(k) in 1981 with special tax advantages, to encourage people to prepare for retirement. They get their catchy name from the section of the Internal Revenue Code which established them (you guessed it, section 401(k)).

A 401(k) retirement plan allows employees to save and invest for their own retirement.

Through a 401(k), they can authorize their employer to deduct a certain amount of money from their paycheck before taxes are calculated, and to invest it in the 401(k) plan offered by the employer. Their money is invested in investment options that they choose from the ones offered through the employer's plan.

Optima Benefits & Payroll can bring 401(k) plan options to you and your employees. Plans that are easy to administer with service that's fast. A quality 401(k) plan also means more freedom of choice. With Optima Benefits & Payroll, you have the opportunity to create a plan that delivers the benefits (and options) employees want, with the flexibility you need for your business.

Why limit your options?

At Optima Benefits & Payroll, we don't stop searching until we find the best plan for you and your employees. By exploring the full range of plans available, Optima examines multiple possibilities in order to find the 401(k) plan that meets and exceeds all expectations.

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